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Volvo special tools for sale


This is a very useful tool when you change the Timing Belt, Water Pump and related elements. For more information on engine application, price and how to buy it, please click HERE.


Buyers from Canada & USA pay by clicking on “PayPal” button. International buyers, contact us for the shipping cost.


Rear main seal replacement is a costly repair. The transmission or the transaxle must be first removed in order to reach the area where the seal is located. The removal of … MORE


Buyers from Canada & USA pay by clicking on “PayPal” button. International buyers, contact us for the shipping cost.


Volvo Recalls

You own a Volvo since new or you bought a pre owned one, always is a good idea to check for Volvo Recalls. Manufacturer recalls can and will save you from unwanted troubles.

 Click HERE to visit Transport Canada / Road Safety Recalls Database to find out more about Volvo Canada Recalls and the models affected.

Many people consider buying a car only because it has low Kilometers. But is a low Kilometer car better than a high Kilometer car ? Well, if you consider buying a 1-2 year old car, then probably a low Kilometer car will be a good choice. But if you consider buying a older car, better ask for a professional opinion. The low Kilometer car is not always a better choice over the same car, model and age that has higher Kilometers. Low Km cars are usual driven at low speed for short distances and periods of time. Those driving condition will harm the engine more then driving the car at high speeds for long distances.

One Km of city driving will wear the engine the same as driving the car three Km on the Highway.

Without entering into the engine/transmission science lets consider only one main factor that will determine the life of the engine: lubrication. Assuming that a low … MORE


V-Garage labour rate is $80.00 per hour.  

To learn more about some of basic services and special offers click HERE.

Method of payment: VISA, Master Card, Debit, Cash, Cheque.


By servicing, maintaining and repairing Volvo passenger cars every day for many years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience about this unique brand. Like every other car manufacturer, Volvo has its own excellent achievements and weaknesses. Knowing well those strong and weak points, we offer the right service for your Volvo. At V-Garage we do not guess or ignore even the smallest detail of service and all work will be carried out to the manufacturers' specification by a qualified personnel.


Engine Oil &Filter

It is important to choose a good service workshop for your Volvo. Starting from an oil change, your car needs the proper and professional care. Fore more info about this topic click HERE.

Transmission Test

Because of the complexities involved in the operation of an automatic transmission / transaxle, diagnostics can be complicated even for an experienced technician. Here are few things you can try before buying your used Volvo. Some Volvo models like early S60, S80, XC70 II, XC90 have been prone of transmission problems. For more information click HERE.

Volvo Engine Lubrication

How do you keep a Volvo engine in good running condition? Well, it is not difficult. Follow the manufacturer service requirements and make sure that your engine gets the right service on time. The most common mistake people make is that they wait until … MORE

Brake Job Cost

How much it will cost a brake job for my Volvo ? This is a very broad question and to answer it, is not simple. Here is an example. A Volvo V70 XC 1998 model year owner was complaining that he needed to apply a considerable amount of pressure on the brake pedal in order to stop the car. A close inspection revealed that all rotors and pads had been replaced but not the brake fluid. MORE

Early Volvo models equipped with "drive by wire" throttle have been prone to different drivebility problems related with this module. This unit has been probably the weakest point of the Volvo Engine Management System for a few years. Volvo has extended the warranty for the Throttle Module for several models to 200000KM or 10 years witch comes first. Now the first generation starting with 1999 MY of this problematic unit is out of warranty. Replacement of this module is costly and requires a specific Volvo software download after replacement.

In order to extend the life of the throttle module unit and to have a normal power-train performance, a regular service is needed. More

Do it yourself corner - Throttle module cleaning …